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Dionne Aleman
1999 Trans Am

Name: Dionne Aleman
Make: Pontiac
Model: Trans Am
Year: 1999
Engine: 5.7 L 346 c.u. LS1
Color: Black
Engine Mods: K&N air filter; Direct-Flo airlid; Fast Toys Ram Air kit; Thunder Racing Ported MAF ends; ported, polished, and bypassed TB; !EGR; !AIR; ASP underdrive crank and alternator pulleys; Hypertech 160* PowerStat; NGK TR-55 spark Plugs; Taylor Thundervolt spark plug wires
Other Mods: Flowmaster catback and collector, custom 2.5” y-pipe with Car Sound cats. 3” cutout, ZO6 clutch assembly, shortened Pro 5.0, CAGS, BMR SFC's, STB, APHR, poly tubular LCA's and relocation brackets, Jamex Springs, G2 front and rear sway bars
Future Mods: MAC full length headers and offroad pipe, ported and polished TB, TB and EGR bypass
Best ¼ Mile and Speed: To be disclosed when new clutch breaks in!